Anti Parkinsonian

Anti Parkinsonian

A progressive nervous system disorder that usually affects the movement of a person including how they speak, move, or work. Its symptoms develop gradually and may start off with slight tremors in one hand. People with this disease also experience stiffness and feel unable to do many movements. The muscles of person starts getting weaker. It belongs to a group of conditions called movement disorders. There are various other movements disorder like Tourette Syndrome, ataxia, cerebral palsy etc. A male is 50 percent more vulnerable towards this condition. In most of the cases, symptoms start becoming visible when a person reaches the age of 50. There are fewer chances that the sufferer is young.

What are the causes?

Though there is no exact cause yet found about Parkinson; researchers believe that it is associated with abnormally low dopamine levels. The cells that generate dopamine are called dopaminergic neurons in the substantia nigra part of the brain die which results in this condition. When its level is too low, people find it harder to get control over their body. The dopamine level drops gradually in the patients and the symptoms start getting more severe.

Symptoms that a person experience includes slowness of voluntary movements, decreased facial expressions, stooped posture, abnormal stiffness, swallowing problems, fainting, or lightheadedness. These symptoms get worse with time.

Diagnosis and Treatments

There are no specific test to diagnose parkinson. All the doctor ask the patient about the symptoms that you are experiencing. If you face these problems, there might be a chance that you have Parkinson’s.

  • Tremor or Shaking
  • Frequent Falls
  • Stiff or rigid arms
  • Slow movements

There is no specific tests to exist this medical disorder. All that can be done is run down some tests like an ultrasound of the brain, CT Scans, MRI etc that can be used to rule out the symptoms of this condition. It can’t be cured but medications can help control the symptoms. Medicines like Pramipex, Ropark, Relgin 1 mg, Syndopa Plus etc help in alleviating the symptoms. They may help you manage problems related to movement, walking or tremor etc. You can buy these medicines online at an online pharmacy.

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