Women's Health

Women's Health

We at Online Drug Store aims at improving everyone's health issues and women’s health have long been a concern for us. But now it has become an urgent priority as the number of issues is increasing day by day.  At this online drug store, we provide many medicines that are used to treat the conditions of women. Our customers have always been our priority and we respect them.

Health Issues Specific to Women's Health

1. Reproductive Health

Women’s health during the fertility years is not only associated or relevant to her health but women’s health also shows its impact on the next generation. The reproductive system of the women is very complex and it is essential to protect it from any health issue. Any disorder in the reproductive system can lead to many other health issues such as infertility. When a woman suffers from the problem in the fallopian tube of the uterus then infertility arises. There are many health challenges during the menstrual period that only women or girls can understand.

2. Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a condition of weak and broken bones. It is a situation in which bones can become weak to such an extent that it makes it difficult for a person to carry out normal activities. It is a disease which is more likely to face by females as compared to males. Also, it is more common among older women. Fractures and fall risk are the most common symptom of osteoporosis and after the menopause, most of the women suffer from the wrist fracture. There are many factors that can cause this disease such as malnutrition, physical inactivity etc.. and it can also be due to some diseases such as hypothyroidism, anorexia, kidney disease etc..

3. Cancer

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer that is found in women. There are many risk factors that lead to the development of breast cancer such as obesity, excessive consumption of alcohol, ionizing radiations etc.. According to the studies, women who suffer from breast cancer have high chances of suffering from ovarian cancer as well. Symptoms of breast cancer include a lump in the breast, dimpling of the skin, fluid coming from the nipple etc.. Most of the breast cancer cases are discovered when women felt the lump in their breast.

4. Depression

Many researchers believe that women are more likely to suffer depression as compared to men. Depression is considered as a serious mental disorder that negatively affects the person and the quality of living. It makes a person sad and changes the way you think and how you react.

5. Heart disease

In the United States, one in every four women dies from heart disease. The symptoms of heart attack in males and females may differ. There are many factors that are linked with the cause of heart attack such as in women smoking is considered as a greater risk factor than it is for men.

Treatment and Medication for Women's Health

There are many medications available to treat the women’s health problems such as Vagifem, Saheli, Progynon Depot, Oestrogel etc.. Medications is the most important thing to treat any health disorder and ensure that you take all the medicines on time without skipping any dose.

We at Online Drug Pharmacy provides all the medicines related to every health issue and medicines related to women’s health are some of the medicines that we provide. We deal with all the generic drugs and the medicines we provide are manufactured by the reputed brands. You can get every prescribed drug here and placing an order at this online drug store is extremely easy. We provide hassle free service.


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