Anti Migraine

Anti Migraine

Severe, recurring and painful headaches that can be accompanied by sensory warning signs, as well as, other signs are termed as a migraine. This extreme pain can last for hours as well as days. Some people get warning symptom before the start of a migraine headache. The cause of a migraine is still unknown. It is suspected that triggers may result from abnormal activity in the brain. It can affect the way nerves communicate as well as the chemicals and blood vessels in the brain.

There are various symptoms that persist with the condition like severe, throbbing, pulsing pain, feeling sick and physically vomiting, increased sensitivity to lighting and sound, moderate to a severe headache. Some people also experience sweating, stomach ache, temperature change, and diarrhea. Primary headaches can be triggered by various factors like stress, insomnia, certain foods like processed meats, poor posture etc.

Medical Management:

A migraine can be medically managed through a course of proper medications. There are various medicines available for alleviating the symptoms of this condition. Some therapies are also there that reduce the frequency, pain level, and duration of migraine headaches.

Some medications and supplements that help prevent migraine attacks include Rizact, Suminat, Dicorate ER etc.

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