There are various Erectile Dysfunction (ED) medicines in the market, and medical science has now reached a level where men can safely consume ED pills without many side effects. But the only condition is to follow the instruction provided by the doctor.

Just like other ED pills, Vardenafil is a component present in many ED pills that belong to the category of Phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5) inhibitors.

It increases blood flow to the penis in response to sexual stimulation. This enhanced blood flow help in getting and maintaining a firm erection.

What is the use of Vardenafil?

Vardenafil helps treat male sexual dysfunction, such as Erectile Dysfunction, also known as impotence.

Erectile Dysfunction is the inability of men to attain and maintain an erection during sexual intercourse.

Erectile Dysfunction can happen to any male, irrespective of age.

There are numerous physical and psychological factors that influence Erectile Dysfunction.

  • Smoking and drinking
  • Diabetes
  • Low Testosterone
  • Obesity
  • Stress
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • High blood pressure

Vardenafil-containing medicines prevent erection loss and promote sexual intimacy.

How does Vardenafil work?

Vardenafil belongs to a medicinal class known as Phosphodiesterase Type 5 (PDE 5) inhibitors.

It treats Erectile Dysfunction by inhibiting the PDE-5 enzymes.

PDE5 enzymes are responsible for the breakdown of cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate (cGMP) levels.

Inhibition of PDE5 enzymes prevents the breakdown of cGMP, thus restoring its levels.

Restored cGMP levels widen the blood vessels in the penile region, boosting the blood flow necessary for a firm erection.

However, this medicine will only work in the presence of sexual stimulation.

Precautions to be taken while using Vardenafil?

  • Patients with known allergies to Vardenafil should try to use other PDE 5 inhibitors like Sildenafil Citrate, Tadalafil, etc.

  • It is not to be used in females or children. There are different medicines to address female sexual dysfunction

  • If this medicine causes you to have an erection that lasts longer than 4 hours, call your doctor immediately

  • Do not take any Nitrate containing medicines along with Vardenafil

Can Vardenafil be taken to treat Premature Ejaculation?

Vardenafil is not used to treat Premature Ejaculation. It is FDA-approved only for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction.

However, there are numerous medicines like Super Zhewitra in which Vardenafil is used along with Dapoxetine to treat ED and Premature Ejaculation.

To manage the issue of Premature Ejaculation, climax spray for men is also widely used.

Medicines to avoid while using Vardenafil

Numerous medicines have known interactions with Vardenafil.

Negative interactions can lead to adverse consequences, so it is important to learn about medicinal interactions before using any medicine.

  • Erythromycin
  • Itraconazole
  • Boceprevir
  • Amiodarone
  • Anagrelide
  • Clozapine
  • Avanafil
  • Osimertinib
  • Ritonavir
  • Nitroglycerin

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