Osteoporosis is a disease that weakens the bone and increases the risk of broken bones. Bones may weaken to such an extent that it decreases the ability to carry out normal activities. Bones that are commonly affected by the osteoporosis includes vertebrae in the spine, bones of the forearms and the hips. It becomes more common with age and women’s are more likely to suffer from Osteoporosis as compared to men. It is one of the most common causes of the broken bones among the elderly. If you have osteoporosis then even a simple fall can lead to a broken bone....

Symptoms of Osteoporosis

Fracture and Fall risk

Fractures that occur due to the low bone strength are known as fragility fractures. Fractures are the common aspect of osteoporosis and fractures in elderly due to osteoporosis can lead to the disability. Wrist fractures in women often occur after the menopause with a low level of estrogen and estrogen before menopause strengthens the bone. The most common fractures are seen on hips, wrist, and spine. Many vertebral fractures can lead to stooped posture, pain and loss of height. The risk of fall is increased by the impaired eyesight that can be due to Osteoporosis.

Possible causes of Osteoporosis

An advancing age is the most common risk factor osteoporosis and the deficiency of female sex hormone, estrogen after the menopause is highly related to the reduction in the strength of the bone.

1. Heredity: Those who have a family history of suffering from this disease are more likely to face Osteoporosis.

2. Consumption of Alcohol: Excessive consumption of alcohol is also linked with the increased chances of fractures.

3. Deficiency of Vitamin D: Elderly people often lacks vitamin D and the deficiency of vitamin D can increase the production of parathyroid hormone and an increase in the production leads to bone loss.

4. Physical Inactivity: Physical inactivity is also associated with the significant bone loss. Exercise strengthens the bones and muscles.

5. Malnutrition: Nutrition plays an important role in maintaining the strength of bones. Deficiency of nutrients and high blood acidity affects the bones.

Osteoporosis Reasons

Osteoporosis can also occur due to many diseases or the medications taken for the treatment of diseases. Some of the diseases include:

1. Hyperthyroidism: Hyperthyroidism is also known as an underactive thyroid. It is a condition in which the production of the hormone thyroxine by the thyroid gland is too much. Sweating, nervousness, irregular heartbeat, sudden weight loss are some of the symptoms of hypothyroidism.

2. Kidney Disease: Kidney disease leads to the condition in which the kidney doesn’t work properly or it does not function in a way it should. It is important to get a treatment for the kidney disease as it can worsen and the kidney may stop functioning.

3. Anorexia: Anorexia is an eating disorder which is characterized by the low weight. Many people who suffer from anorexia are underweight but they often see themselves as overweight.

Osteoporosis Treatment

There are many medications that are used for the treatment of Osteoporosis and some of the medicines that are used for the treatment of Osteoporosis includes, progynova, yasmin, ralista, premarin etc.. Alos, it is important to get your treated if you are suffering from osteoporosis as the severe condition of it can lead to the disability.

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