Alcohol & Drug Treatment

Alcohol & Drug Treatment

Alcoholism is an extremely serious problem faced in today’s world leading to 88,000 deaths each year in the United States. Alcoholism can be considered a combination of genetic, psychological, social as well as environmental factors. The more risk factors a person is exposed to, the more alcoholic he/she can get. Sometimes, these risk can even get out of the control.

Some of the risk factors involve:

  • Drinking at an early age: Those who start drinking or taking drugs at an early age are more likely to be alcoholic or drug addict.
  • Mental Problems like Depression: Sometimes, mental problems also play a major role in the addiction. These problems may include anxiety, depression, headache etc.
  • Peer Pressure: It is the most common reason among kids and teenagers. They start using drugs because they want to fit in.
  • Gateway: In many cases, there are substances like alcohol, marijuana, as well as other prescription painkillers act as the gateway to the medicines that have  more intense and mind-altering effects.

The symptoms involve blackout, dizziness, shakiness, glazed eyes, dilated pupils, abrupt weight changes, bruises, physical signs of infection. Some behavioral symptoms involve lethargy, depression, involvement in criminal activity, depression, change in attitude and personality, financial problems etc.

Common Medications:

Some common medicines involve Nicotex 2 mg, Naltima 50 mg, Dizone 250 mg. Etc. You should be aware that these drugs are not interacting with any other problems. This is why it is necessary to talk to the doctor or read all the instructions mentioned on the leaflet.

Some expected side effect of the medicine includes skin rash, drowsiness, medicine, acne, mild headache, lack of interest in sex, tiredness, mild headache, fainting, weakness, upset stomach, vomiting, eye pain, sudden vision loss etc.

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