Quit Smoking

quit smoking

We all have heard many times that smoke is injurious to health but do we all know how is it injurious?? Quitting smoking is not an easy task but it’s worth it. There are plenty of reasons to quit smoking and some of the reasons includes its effect of heart, lungs, mouth, fertility etc..

Why should you quit smoking ?

1. Coronary Heart Disease

Cigarette smoking is said to be the most common reason for coronary heart disease. It is said to be the major cause of cardiovascular disease. Smoking damages the coronary arteries and arteries are essential as it’s function is to supply blood to the heart.  Also, it leads to the formation of plaque that narrows the arteries and plaque can lead to heart attack.

2. Liver

Smoking is very harmful to the liver and it increases the risk of suffering from the liver cancer. Each cigarette consists of many chemicals and there are many harmful effects of the chemicals. It affects the functioning of the body organs and also affects the quality of life.

3. Infertility

Yes!!! Do you know that smoking can be one of the reasons for infertility in males as well as in females? If you have smoking habit then you are more likely to suffer from infertility. Due to smoking females can find it difficult to get pregnant and in males, smoking can lead to damaged DNA in their sperm that can lead to infertility.

4. Mouth

There are many harmful chemicals that are present in cigarette smoking but nicotine and tar are the most harmful among them. It reduces the blood flow to the mouth and gum and can cause gum disease. It is a disease in which the gums become swollen and infected. Under severe conditions, smoking can lead to the severe gum disease that can further lead to the mouth and lip cancer.

Treatment of Quit Smoking

It is immensely important to quit smoking as soon as possible as the effects of smoking can be seen on the entire body. Nicotine which is one of the most harmful chemical presents in cigarette smoking is an addictive one and it is not easy to quit smoking. But it is an important task to do. There are many medications that you can take and that helps in quitting smoking such as Nulife Chewettes, Nicotineell Patches, Champix starter etc..

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