Secure Sockets Layer(SSL)


Online Drug Pharmacy USA believes that ‘fundamental honesty' is the keystone of our business. In the healthcare industry, it’s not just only about belief, but it’s our responsibility. For this, we prefer using protocols for establishing authenticated and encrypted links between networked computers; SSL(Secure Sockets Layer). 


Additionally, we collaborate with AWS Certificate Manager in order to provide a safe transaction process with the world's most advanced and best SSL technology. The information entered by our customers is stored in public keys, which remains encrypted. Therefore, authenticated tools generate their own private keys to further proceed with the process, keeping our customer’s information(payment & personal details) safe and private.


Apart from these processes, our payment methods are entirely safe and secure with gateways like VISA. This helps us keep your information safe with the highest legal standards everywhere we operate. Employees here are trained on privacy and security methods. We also focus on cybersecurity to protect your personal information in our system from other network attacks.


Making it more clear, we do not store any of our customer’s personal information in our database. Even our team cannot access or collect any information from the customers without any valid reason.


We safely encrypt our customer’s data to help businesses and economies grow by maintaining trust. You can rely on our payment gateways as we assure you, we will maintain the security of your identity information and card details. However, we may have to do so only in case of any legal mishap. 


The Best Certified Payment Security Service Only For You

Please do not worry, sit and relax. Al your details related to your identity, location, payment credentials, and others are under safe custody of a robust shell of SSL encryption technology. The information entered by our customers gets encoded, making it impossible to break.