Sensitive Skin? Use These Natural Products


Skin plays one of the most important roles in protecting the body against the external environment. The outermost layer of the skin is known as stratum corneum protects the body and retains sufficient water.

Every day our skin deals with various environmental problems such as pollution and it is our duty to ensure that our skin remains healthy and fight all the problems. We often use multiple products to keep the health of the skin but many a time, due to the sensitivity of skin, we avoid using cosmetics and look for products that are safe and do not have any side effects.

There are many natural ingredients that are used for centuries for skin care purposes. These products improve appearance by delivering nutrients that are necessary for healthy skin. They helps to reduce skin tone, texture and reduce wrinkles. Natural products are safe and effective for the skin.

What are natural products?

Natural products are the products that are produced by nature or are found in nature. Some of the sources through which natural ingredients are found include herbs, fruits, flower, leaves, and land. There are multiple numbers of products that are used throughout the world to keep the glow of the skin.

Skin is very sensitive. In some people, even a slight change in environmental factors can affect the skin. Therefore here is the list of some of the natural products that can be used to fight different skin problems.

1. Turmeric

Turmeric is one of the natural product that has been known to have some amazing effects in repairing the skin texture and other skin problems. In fact, it is one of the ingredients that is highly used in cosmetic products. Curcumin is the main active medical ingredient present in turmeric and it has been known for a long time that curcuminoid compounds have an ability to exhibit therapeutic activity. Some of the most important activities include antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and anticarcinogenic activity.

Sudden breakout of acne is one of the most frequent complaints. Research has stated that antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects of turmeric can be used in the treatment of acne. Turmeric acts as a cleanser to the skin and removes all the dirt that can be the cause of acne. It is also believed that turmeric or curcumin is also used for the treatment of various dermatologist diseases. Acne is also associated with inflammation and anti-inflammatory effect of turmeric is effective in reducing the effect of acne. It also reduces the redness and spots from the skin.  

2. Olive oil

Olive oil does not have any single benefit, but it contains a large number of benefits to the humans. In fact, almost all the organs of the body are benefited from the use of olive oil. Basically, there are three types of olive oil, virgin olive oil, refined olive oil, and olive pomace oil. All the compounds of olive oil are known to have strong antioxidant activities and these antioxidant properties of olive oil have beneficial effects on the health, including skin health.

The natural antioxidants in olive oil prevent lipid oxidation and it also eliminates the formation of free radicals that leads to the destruction of the cells. When the cells of the skin are damaged, many skin problem occurs. Olive oil also contains triacylglycerols and small quantities of free fatty acids, glycerol, pigments, aroma compounds, phenols, unidentified resinous contains protein, minerals, and vitamins that play an important role in preventing the skin from damage. It also repairs the damage made to the skin. It contains healing properties that help in healing the wounds and repair the damaged cells of the skin.


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3. Aloe vera

Aloe vera is a medicinal plant which is known to be used in cosmetic for a long time. Aloe vera is considered to be one of the best natural product due to its medicinal, beauty and skin care properties. Free radical species are the main cause of various negative skin changes and antioxidants that are present in aloe vera such as vitamin C, vitamin E, flavonoids and phenolic acids are important in fighting against free radical species.

Also, ultraviolet rays from the sun cause damage to the skin and in some cases, it can contribute to the development of skin problems. Aloe vera extracts are beneficial in treating and preventing the problems caused by ultraviolet radiations. In other terms, it can be said that aloe vera can be used as a sunscreen and sunburn protector. Aloe vera is often found in moisturizers, lotion, shampoo, and deodorants.

4. Honey

The effects of honey on weight management are known to most of us but, only a few are aware that honey can be used as a skin care product. Yes!! Honey is one of the products that promote healthy glowing skin. It contains many properties that work wonders on the skin and helps in maintaining the health of the skin. Moisturization plays a most important part to maintain skin health and honey is said to be a nature’s moisturizer. It helps in retaining the moisture in the skin and prevent it to get dry.

Honey has proven the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial property. As a result of which, it protects the body from viruses, bacterias, and infections. It also reduces the inflammation, redness, and spots caused by skin problems. Multiple researchers have stated that it prevents the development of various different skin problems.

5. Sandalwood

Multiple studies have been conducted to understand the benefits of sandalwood on the human body and it was observed that apart from its satisfying source of fragrance, it can be used in medicines as an antiseptic, diuretic, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Sandalwood can be used to treat multiple health problems and it includes skin problems as well.  

Sandalwood have many protecting, smoothing, moisturizing, hydrating and anti-wrinkle properties that helps in retaining natural glow of the skin. A large number of people complains of dry and dull skin. In such cases, sandalwood can be used as it not only moisturizes the skin but it also provide fresh and glowing look. Also, sandalwood is often used to remove tanning from the skin and many people finds it to be an effective treatment for tanning.