Drug Policy

1. Online Drug Pharmacy would not process any order without a prescription from a licensed physician.

2. The prescription copy sent by the customer is subject to further verification and scrutiny, by the qualified pharmacists at Online Drug Pharmacy.

3. A caregiver, on behalf of the patient, can order and sign for the order placed at Online Drug Pharmacy, provided he/she is above the age of majority, i.e., 18 years.

4. Online Drug Pharmacy does not intend to provide diagnosis, treatment, and medical advice. Therefore, customers must treat the information, written on our online pharmacy website, for informational purposes only. Our drug pharmacy will not be liable for any adverse effects to you, in case you relied on that information solely to treat your medical condition(s) without a medical professional aid.  

5. Online Drug Pharmacy requires the customer to be aware of all the information of the medicines he/she is ordering or has already ordered, such as the side effects, chemical composition, etc.