Aerocort 100 mcg/50 mcg Inhaler (400 MDI)

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USA BrandAerocort Inhaler


  SKU No.   MED2629
  USA Brand Name   Aerocort Inhaler
  Generic Name   Levalbuterol + Beclometasone
  Strength   100mcg + 50mcg
  Manufacturer   Cipla, India

What is the generic name for Aerocort 100mcg/50mcg Inhaler?

Levosalbutamol/Levalbuterol + Beclometasone is the generic name for Aerocort 100mcg/50mcg Inhaler.


US brand equivalent to Aerocort 100mcg/50mcg Inhaler

Aerocort Inhaler


About Aerocort 100mcg/50mcg Inhaler 

Aerocort 100mcg/50mcg Inhaler is a potent drug used in the treatment of asthma. It relaxes the airways and makes breathing effortless. 


Follow the advice of your doctor regarding the frequency of usage of the inhaler. You should take the lowest possible dosage required to effectively treat your asthma symptoms. 


The effects of the medication may be visible within a few days, but you need to complete the prescribed course of the medication. Stopping the medication early can aggravate your symptoms. 


The most common side effects of Aerocort Inhaler include headache, sore throat, hoarseness of voice, respiratory tract infection, fungal infection of the mouth, and muscle cramp. If you suspect any of these symptoms, talk to your doctor straight away.


If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or conceiving, you should avoid using this medication as it may lead to undesirable effects on the baby. People having live or kidney disease need to be cautious while using this medication. Talk to your doctor and use Aerocort Inhaler only if the benefits outweigh the risks for you.


Manufacturer of Aerocort 100mcg/50mcg Inhaler

Cipla, India is a leading pharmaceutical company that manufactures Aerocort Inhalers. 



Aerocort 100mcg/50mcg Inhaler contains active ingredients Levosalbutamol (100mcg) + Beclometasone (50mcg). It is available in various other strengths and substitutes at all the leading online as well as physical pharmacies. Consult your doctor to know which dosage of the medication you should take and for how long. 


What are the medical uses of Aerocort 100mcg/50mcg Inhaler?

Aerocort inhaler is used in the treatment of asthma. Asthma is a condition in which the air passages of the patient narrows down, and as a result, obstructs breathing. Aerocort 100mcg/50mcg Inhaler helps expand the airways and relieves asthma symptoms such as wheezing, shortness of breath, cough, tightness in the chest, etc. Along with this medication, making healthy lifestyle choices can also be beneficial. For instance, regular yoga and meditation relieve the symptoms of asthma in the long-term and improves overall health.


Working of Aerocort 100mcg/50mcg Inhaler

It is a combination of two medications: Levosalbutamol and Beclomethasone. Levosalbutamol is a bronchodilator that works by expanding the muscles in the airways. Beclometasone is a steroid medicine. It works by inhibiting the release of some specific natural substances in the body that can cause inflammation of the airways. Together, these ingredients help make breathing easier.


How to use Aerocort 100mcg/50mcg Inhalers?

Read the label of the Aerocort Inhaler for directions before use. Shake the inhaler well. While you are inhaling from the mouth, push down on the inhaler once to release the medicine and hold your breath for about 10 seconds. Reiterate until you have inhaled the exact number of puffs as prescribed by the doctor. After use, rinse your mouth thoroughly with water and spit out.


Things to avoid when using Aerocort 100mcg/50mcg Inhaler

You should avoid:

  • Taking alcohol and other medications
  • Doing activities that may require your alertness, such as driving or operating machinery
  • Taking non-prescription medications; as they can interact with Aerocort Inhaler


When not to use Aerocort 100mcg/50mcg Inhaler?

You should not use Aerocort Inhalers if you:

  • Have an allergy to the inhaler
  • Are pregnant/ breastfeeding/ conceiving
  • Have high blood pressure
  • Have a heart disease
  • Have a thyroid disorder
  • Have Hypokalemia (as it can drop your potassium levels to dangerously low levels)
  • Are taking any medications that can interact with it


Tell your doctor if:

  • Are allergic to the inhaler or any of its contents
  • Are pregnant/ breastfeeding/ conceiving
  • Have high blood pressure
  • Have any heart problems like chest pain or angina
  • Are suffering from an overactive thyroid gland functioning
  • Have low potassium levels
  • Have any other disease
  • Have undergone any major surgeries or are on any other medications


For how long should you continue using Aerocort 100mcg/50mcg Inhaler?

Use the Aerocort Inhaler for the duration prescribed by your doctor. You should not take the medication continuously for more than three months as it can lead to some harmful effects.


What are the side effects of Aerocort 100mcg/50mcg Inhaler?

Some common side effects of Aerocort Inhalers are listed below:

  • Sleeplessness
  • Headache
  • Sinus or Throat Irritation
  • Tremors Especially of Hands
  • Severe Hypokalemia
  • Electrolyte Imbalance
  • Bone Degradation
  • Redistribution/Accumulation of Body Fat
  • Increased Blood Pressure
  • Behavioral Changes
  • Increased Glucose Level in Blood
  • Increased Risk of Infection
  • Muscle Disorders
  • Cataract
  • Skin Scar

If these side effects don’t recover on their own or if they are interfering with your daily lives, consult your doctor. The doctor will take adequate measures to relieve your symptoms sooner and better.



In case of an overdose, you should consult your doctor immediately.


Missed dose

The missed dose of the Aerocort inhaler can be taken as soon as you remember. But if it's close to the time of your next dose, kindly skip the missed dose. You are advised not to double the dose even if you have missed a dose of Aerocort Inhaler.


What are the drugs that interact with Aerocort 100mcg/50mcg Inhaler?

Some drugs can interact with Aerocort Inhaler and make the medication not to work properly or lead to undesirable effects. So, it's advised to inform the doctor of all the medications and supplements you take. Aerocort Inhaler may interact with the following medications:

  • Aldesleukin
  • Azathioprine
  • Bendroflumethiazide
  • Cancer Chemotherapy
  • Carvedilol
  • Cyclosporine


Important things to remember

  • Keep your inhaler out of reach and sight of your children.
  • Make sure you wipe out the mouthpiece of the inhaler regularly. 
  • After every use, put on the cap of the inhaler.
  • Keep a check on your potassium levels, specifically if you take Corticosteroids, Aminophylline, Diuretics, Theophylline, etc.
  • Ask your doctor if you find any confusion regarding the time, strength, and usage of the inhaler. 


How to store Aerocort 100mcg/50mcg Inhalers?

Store your Aerocort inhaler at a cool and dry place, but please do not refrigerate it. Make sure the inhaler is undamaged while you are purchasing and storing it. 


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